Guestrooms at Kashotei Hanaya include pure Japanese-style guestrooms that are perfect for couples and larger Japanese-Western rooms that are great for families or large groups.
Breakfast and dinner are served in your room, so we hope you'll relax here while being surrounded by nature.

Japanese room
6-tatami mat Japanese room

A 6-tatami mat room that is perfect for business trips as well as one-person journeys.

Space 6 tatami mats
Number of persons 1

Common Guestroom Facilities

  • 6畳和室
Japanese room
8-tatami mat Japanese room

An 8-tatami mat room that is perfect for couples.

Space 8 tatami mats
Number of persons 3

Common Guestroom Facilities

  • 8畳和室
Japanese room
10-tatami mat Japanese room

This 10-tatami mat room can accommodate up to 4 persons.

Space 10 tatami mats
Number of persons 4

Common Guestroom Facilities

  • 10畳和室
Western style room
Twin Room

There are 2 types of Twin Rooms: "Hamanasu" and "Katakuri"

Space 25 tatami mats
Number of persons 2
Other 2 beds

Common Guestroom Facilities

  • ツインルーム
Japanese and Western room

At our inn, this is the largest room available.
This is perfect for use with families or large groups.

Space 6-tatami mat Japanese room + 6-tatami mat living room
Number of persons 4
Other With bath module


  • 乙女(特別室)
Japanese and Western room

A guestroom that also has a living room for you to relax in.

Space 4.5-tatami mat Japanese room + 6-tatami mat living room
Number of persons 2

Common Guestroom Facilities

  • ほうづき
Japanese and Western room

A room that is perfect for large groups or families.

Space 10-tatami mat Japanese room + Twin Room
Number of persons 6

Common Guestroom Facilities

  • 10畳和室


Amenities Tea set/Bath towel/Facial towel/Yukata/Hair brush/Tabi(Japanese socks)/Hair dryer/Teacakes/Toothbrush/Safety deposit box/Kettle/Morning paper
Facilities Refrigerator/TV/Washlet/Heater/Plasmacluster (Humidifier and air purifier)
Check-in/Check-out 14:00~/11:00
Regarding Dining Services Both breakfast and dinner will be served in your room.
*If you prefer to enjoy in larger groups, breakfast and dinner service can be made in the banquet hall.
*Starting in April 2017, breakfast will always be served in the banquet hall.
Dinner Begins 17:40-19:00. *Please let us know your preferred time at the time of check-in.
Breakfast Begins 7:30-8:30. *We will ask your preferred time during dinner service.