Questions regarding facilities and location

Is there a convenience store nearby?
The hotspring town has a convenience store that is open 24 hours.
Do you have a sauna?
Unfortunately, we do not.
Is the elevator far from the guestrooms?
The inn is a small-scale inn that is 4 stories tall with a total of 21 rooms. Each floor only has 9 rooms at most, so the rooms are not far from the elevator.
Do you have a parking lot?
We have free parking for our lodging guests.

Questions regarding Services

Do you have a shuttle from the airport or Sapporo?
Unfortunately, we do not have a shuttle to and from New Chitose Airport or Sapporo. Please use the bus or trains.
Is there a shuttle bus from JR Noboribetsu Station?
We do have a shuttle car for use after checking out. The shuttle will take you from the inn to JR Noboribetsu Station. Reservations are not required, but please notify us of which shuttle you would like to take upon arrival.
Do you have massage services?
We can have one arranged for you. Please notify us and reserve at the same time.
I would like to do something for an anniversary.
We can arrange for flowers, cakes, and other special items. Please contact us and reserve. For special senior citizen birthdays (such as 60th, 70th, 77th, and 88th birthdays), we have a free gift of a "Chanchanko vest and seat cushion." Please notify us in advance.
I am elderly; do you have any higher chairs?
We can have it arranged. Please reserve them in advance.

Questions regarding rates/payments/reservations

Please tell me what the cancellation fees are.
5days prior ... 10%
3-4 days prior ... 20%
2 days prior ... 30%
1 day prior ... 50%
On the day ... 90%
No show ... 100%
Can I make prepayments?
We can receive prepayments by bank transfer. Please contact us for details in advance.
Can I use a credit card for payment?
We accept Visa, MasterCard, JCB, AMEX, Diners Club, UnionPay, UC

Questions regarding hotsprings

Do you have an open-air bath?
Male and female baths both have open-air baths.
Can the big public bath be used 24 hours?
The bath will be closed from 2:00AM - 4:30AM for cleaning.
Please tell me the hotspring effects.
Spring temperature: 65.8 °C

Good for: Nerve pain, muscle pain, joint pain, frozen shoulder, motor palsy, joint stiffness, bruises,sprains, hemorrhoids, chronic digestive ailments, chronic skin ailments, post-illness recovery, fatigue recovery,health boost, high blood pressure ailments, arteriosclerosis, diabetes, chronic gynecopathy, sensitivity to cold, cuts, atopy.

Feel: Milky and slightly cloudy, acidic, hydrogen sulfide

Please tell me the hours for day trip bathing.
11:00AM - 4:00PM. (Last entry at 3:00PM)
Are towels free for day trip bathing?
Unfortunately, we will charge a fee for it.
Are there dryers at the big public bath?
They are available.

Questions regarding guestrooms

Do you have Wi-Fi available?
The entire building has Wi-Fi available, free of charge.
Do you have non-smoking rooms?
Unfortunately, we do not have strictly non-smoking rooms. However, we can deodorize all rooms, so please notify us in advance.
Do guestrooms have open-air baths?
Unfortunately, we do not.
The guestroom has a bath, but is it hotspring water?
Unfortunately, baths in the guestrooms do not use hotspring water.
Do you have children's pajamas?
We do have Samue clothes in S/M/L sizes.

L ⇒ Height 120 cm - 130 cm

M ⇒ Height 105 cm - 115 cm

S ⇒ Height 90 cm - 100 cm

Questions regarding cuisine

Can you accommodate my food allergies or preferences?
We will accommodate the best we can. Please notify us in advance.
Is all dining served in the guestroom?
Dinner: Served in-room (Starts 17:40 - 19:00)

Breakfast: Served in-room (Starts 7:30 - 8:30)

*Starting April 1, 2017, breakfast will be served in the dining hall.