Kaiseki-style Cuisine

Kaiseki-style Cuisine

At Kashotei Hanaya, we take great care in selecting ingredients so that you can fully enjoy the seasons. The flavors of Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter will be fully enjoyed in our seasonal menus. Dining service will be provided in your room for a private and relaxed space.



At Kashotei Hanaya, we change the menu depending on the season so that our guests fully enjoy the flavors of the four seasons.
Selected ingredients are in season, and we take great care in preparing them.
*Menu may change depending on season.

dinner menu

Appetizer/Hors d'oeuvres/Side Dish/Sashimi/Soup
Grilled Food/Pickles/Middle Dish/Jelly Dessert

*Seasonal menu changes once every 3 months.
*Photos are of sample images.

  • 花鐘亭はなや 夕食メニュー



Your day starts with a good breakfast.
We provide a breakfast menu with ingredients that are freshly picked each morning. Eat your fill to provide energy to face the day. We take great care in preparing the breakfast with our guests in mind.

breakfast menu

Broiled Fish/Seasonal Pickled Vegetables/Tsukudani/Stewed Dish
Miso Soup/Freshly steamed rice.

*Photos are of sample images.

Enjoy dining in your room

At our inn, we provide your dinner in your room for a more private and relaxed atmosphere. Our cuisine is highly regarded among our guests.

Enjoy dining in your roomEnjoy dining in your room

Dining Place Both breakfast and dinner will be served in your room.
*If you prefer to enjoy in larger groups, breakfast and dinner service can be made in the banquet hall.
*Starting in April 2017, breakfast will always be served in the banquet hall.
*When I'd like to use a banquet hall, preliminary reservation is needed.
Dinner Begins 17:40-19:00. *Please let us know your preferred time at the time of check-in.
Breakfast Begins 7:30-8:30. *We will ask your preferred time during dinner service.